How To Use The PNA Online Payment System

The PNA Online Payment System is an SSL Secured system that fully complies with the Payment Card Industry's PCI DSS standards. Our systems are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities and are certified by our Trustwave vendor to make sure all information that passes through our servers is strongly encrypted and secure.

You can verify the validity and status of our SSL Certificate and our Trustwave Security compliance at any time by clicking on the GeoTrust and Trustwave seals which appear on the Make A Payment page just below the green Start Payment Process button.

To start making your payment, just click on the green Start Payment Process button.

After clicking the button, you will be securely transferred the payment info entry page at our trusted payment processing vendor Converge/Virtual Merchant.

Information Required To Make A Successful Payment
On the payment info entry page you will be required to provide to following information to complete a successful transaction:

  • Your First Name as it appears on your credit card.(Required)
  • Your Last Name as it appears on your credit card.(Required)
  • Address 1: Your street address of your credit card billing address.(Required)
  • Address 2: Any additional address info that may be needed.(Optional)
  • City in which you reside and is part of your billing address.(Required)
  • State / Province in which you reside.(Required)
  • Postal / Zip Code in which you reside.(Required)
  • E-Mail Address to which your payment confirmation should be sent.(Required)
  • Phone Number at which you can be contacted.(Required)
  • Account/Policy Number if you are making a policy premium payment.(Optional)
  • Amount of your payment. DO NOT INCLUDE THE DOLLAR SYMBOL ($). IT WILL TRIGGER AN ERROR. (Required)
  • Account Data is for your Credit Card Account Number on your card.(Required)
  • Expiration Date of your Credit Card.(Required)
  • CVV2 - The three or four digit security code on the back of your card.(Required)
  • Payment For - A brief description of what you are paying for.(Required)

  • It is very important that you provide an accurate description of the item you are paying for so that we can credit your funds properly.

    Once you have entered all the required information, press or click the Process button to complete the payment process.

    Upon successful processing of your transaction, you will be transferred back to the PNA site to a Payment Confirmation page to signify completion of the payment process.

    A confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided during the payment process.

    A link on the Payment Confirmation page is provided to take you back to the PNA Home Page.

    If you have any questions concerning the payment you made, Please contact the PNA Direct Billing Department at 1-800-621-3723 Extension 351.

    If you prefer to set up a recurring payment that will automatically charge your credit card account for regular premium payments, the Direct Billing Department will also be able to assist in setting this up for you.

    Thank you very much for using the PNA Online Payment System.