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Every four years, PNA allocates approximately one million dollars for scholarships for its student members. This year, 288 applications were submitted for the review by the special ad-hock committee consisted of Vice President of the Polish Teachers association Helena Sołtys, former PNA Director Anna Wierzbicki, and Vice Principal of the Kolbe School of Polish Language in Chicago Halina Żurawski.

Each application was thoroughly evaluated based on a point system; GPA, PNA Membership, Activities within the PNA, Community Service, and Polish/Slavic language studies were taken into consideration

Scholarships were awarded only to students with points ranging between 110 and 50 points. Amounts ranged from $2,500.00 to $200.00.

Students, whose score was below 50 points (low GPA scores, incomplete application, lack of an official transcript, etc.) were denied PNA scholarships.

All scholarship applicants were informed via mail about the committee's decision.

The Polish National Alliance is very proud that so many members aspire towards higher education. We wish each recipient continued success in their future endeavors.

For the full list of 2017-18 PNA Scholarship recipients:

Full List Of Scholarship Recipients in PDF