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PNA Headquarters - Chicago, IL - On a warm and sunny morning on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 the Polish National Alliance (PNA) hosted its annual Flag Day Observance at their home office located 6100 North Cicero Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. PNA National Secretary Charles A. Komosa, serving as Master of Ceremonies, greeted the guests, and introduced Polish National Alliance (PNA) and Polish American Congress (PAC) National President Frank J. Spula welcomed all the guests on a usually traditional celebratory day but mentioned the terrible tragedy and asked that the guests keep in their prayers United States House of Representative Steve Scalise and the six other people that were shot earlier in the morning in Alexandria, Virginia, during a Republicans' early-morning practice ahead of a charity baseball game. National Secretary Charles A. Komosa then asked the guests to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and participate in the singing of the National Anthem followed by the raising of the American, Polish and PNA flags by Mr. John Wojciechowski, Specialist, United States Army, Mr. John Torchalski, Corporal, United States Army, and Mr. John Wantuch, Master Sergeant, United States Air Force, while a recording of Taps - a single bugle or trumpet tune played during flag ceremonies.

After the raising of the flags, National Secretary Charles A. Komosa introduced the esteemed guests, elected officials, PNA officers and dignitaries including Illinois State Representative Illinois 20th District State Representative Honorable Michael McAuliffe, Congresswoman from Poland Honorable Malgorzata Gosiewska, Chicago Alderman 36th Ward Honorable Gilbert Villegas, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Chairman of the New Chicago City Council Veterans Caucus, and his Chief of Staff Ms. Magdalena Fudalewicz, Chicago Alderman 39th Ward Honorable Margaret Laurino, Chicago Alderman, 45th Ward Honorable John Arena, Attorney Mark Kupiec, Representatives of the Polish Teachers Association in America - Vice President Mrs. Urszula Gawlik and board members Mrs. Helena Zajac and Mrs. Halina Zurawski, Mrs. Barbara Halaszkiewicz, President of the Legion of Young Polish Women, PNA Business Director Mrs. Irene Hercik, PNA Fraternal Director PNA Mrs. Wanda Penar, PNA Fraternal Director Ms. Barbara Wesolowski, PNA District XIII Commissioner Ms. Wanda Juda, Former PNA National Directors Ms. Anna Wierzbicki and Mrs. Stanislawa Rawicka, also vice president of the Illinois Division of the Polish American Congress, Mrs. Anna Kokoszka representing the Polish Veterans and Ladies Auxiliary and also a former PNA District XII Commissioner, Mr. Zygmunt Golinski of the Polish Veterans Association, Members of Edge brook & Sauganash Chamber of Commerce – Mr. Bob Smith, Mr. Jay Smith, Mr. Alfred Klairmont, Mrs. Harriet Luden, Mrs. Joanne Kloepher.

PNA National Secretary Charles A. Komosa also thanked PNA employees Mrs. Mary Srodon, Fraternal Events Coordinator for organizing the event, PNA Zgoda Magazine Editor Ms. Alicja Kuklinska for the media coverage, IT employees Victor Modlinski and John Benedetti, Mr. Adam Maj for set up, Mrs. Halina Kuklinska, cafeteria set up and Mrs. Monika Korczynska for various important tasks.

PNA National Secretary Charles A. Komosa concluded the program by asking Polish National Alliance (PNA) and Polish American Congress (PAC) National President Frank J. Spula for closing remarks and thanked and invited all the guests and PNA employees for a special luncheon in the PNA Cafeteria. PNA National Secretary Charles A. Komosa thanked the guests and asked to stand and participate in the singing of God Bless America!

Story by Charles Komosa
Photos by Alicja Kuklinska

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