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A distinguished committee of three members: Teresa Struziak Sherman - Business Director, Wesley Musial - Censor and Jolanta Walaszek - Manager of Sales, selected the winners of the 2017 PNA Original Art Contest.

The theme of the contest was: "Tadeusz Kosciuszko - Freedom Warior".

As difficult as it was, the committee selected three pictures from each of the three age categories. There were no eligible art submitted in the age 5-6 category. Winners were awarded respectively $300 (1st Place), $200 (2nd Place) and $100 (3rd Place), all participants received minor incentives.


AGES 07 - 08
1st Gabriela Stopka, New Lenox, IL - "Polish American Hero"
2nd Jacob Owens, Fairview, PA - "Kosciuszko Collage"
3rd Jonah Kos, Gansevoort, NY - "Thaddeus Kosciuszko Shaping a Certain Victory at Saratoga"

AGES 09 - 10
1st Aleksandra Malak, Palatine, IL - "For Our Freedom and Yours"
2nd Katherine Suchowolec, Torrington, CT - "Bitwa Pod Saratoga"
3rd Thomas Suchowolec, Torrington, CT - "Bitwa pod Maciejowicami - Battle of Maciejowice"

AGES 11 - 12
1st Maciej Malak, Palatine, IL - "There is a name when you have to sacrifice everything to have everything saved"
2nd Jordyn Czyzewski, Milwaukee, WI - "We thank you for our freedom"
3rd Isabella Khoury, Poland, OH - "Kosciuszko - A Hero"

Congratulations to all of our young and talented artists!