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A distinguished committee of three members: Alicia Otap, Acting Editor-in-Chief of Polish Daily News; Mateusz Pankiewicz, Host of WPNA Radio and Ɓukasz Dudka, PNA Marketing Manager, selected winners of the 2018 Original Art Contest for children 8-18 years old; and the Coloring Contest for ages 5-7. A total of 47 entries were received.

The theme of the art contest was: "Postcard from Poland".

In the Coloring Contest, three winners were selected. Each will receive $100.00 each.

Art Contest winners were awarded respectively $300 (1st place), $200 (2nd place), and $100 (3rd place).
Congratulations to all of the talented artists!.


AGES 8-9-10
1st Victor Kowalinski-Manalac, Los Angeles, CA - "Miasta o ktorych marze"
2nd Gracie-Kay Newton, Syracuse, NY - "St. Mary's Church"
3rd Jacob Kmiec, Macomb, MI - "Pozdrowienia z Malborka"

AGES 11-12-13
1st Reese Kalinsky, Chicago, IL - "My Dream of Poland"
2nd Lukasz Mszyca, Anaheim, CA - "Giewont z Lot-u ptaka"
3rd Jordyn Czyzewski, Milwaukee, WI - "Prairie of Freedom"

AGES 14-15
1st Zachary Zimmerman, Camp Hill, PA - "Poland 1918-2018"
2nd Emily Mickelonis, Scappoose, OR - "The Glass Mountain"
3rd Dana Walski, E. Grand Forks, MN - "Zgorzelec at dusk"

WINNERS OF THE 2018 COLORING CONTEST (AGES 5-6-7). All three will receive $100.00 each.

AGES 8-9-10
Dominika Piatek, Goodyear, AZ
Oliver Trybus, Highland Park, IL
Joshua Blanchard, Cumberland, RI