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The PNA College Tuition Rewards Program

For New & Existing PNA Members

Program Details

Any juvenile that enrolls into the Polish National Alliance by purchasing a permanent life insurance plan over $10,000 can qualify for the College Tuition Rewards Program at no additional cost!

This program is "A Free Living Benefit" for the future college student to help in the cost of a college education!

It Helps Make College Affordable For All Our Children!

Juvenile Member Enrolls Will Receive 1,500 PTS = *$1,500

PNA Member Enrolls In The Birthday Club Will Receive Additionally

Ages (0-11) 500 Pts Per Year 5,500 Pts = *$5,500
Ages (12-14) 750 Pts Per Year 2,250 Pts = *$2,250
Ages (15-17) 1,000 Pts Per Year 3,000 Pts = *$3,000
Total Tuition Rewards Program Benefit for a new enroll at age (0-17) 12,250 Pts = *$12,250

*These dollars amounts are paid directly to a private college for tuition only and are not cash payments.

This tuition rewards benefit is only for private colleges and is allocated over 4 years. The benefits are paid directly to the college.

Remember these juveniles also qualify for our PNA scholarship program.

For additional information please call PNA membership department at 1-800-621-3723.

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The PNA Scholarship Award Program

The Polish National Alliance is pleased to make available scholarship applications to qualified members who are enrolled as full-time sophomore college and university students or above, and who will continue their undergraduate studies in the fall semester.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Only college sophomores, juniors or seniors are eligible to apply for scholarships.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the Scholarship Program the applicant must be a beneficial premium paying member in good standing with the PNA for at least three (3) years.


    The applicant must be an insured premium paying member in good standing with the PNA for at least two years, providing one parent has been an insured member for at least five (5) years.

    NOTE: Applicants must have a premium paying permanent plan of insurance. Excluded are: Modified Life Paid Up at 65 (plan 718) and Annuities.

    NOTE: Applicants joining the PNA after January 1, 2002 must have a premium paying permanent plan of insurance such as:

    • Universal Life
    • Life Paid Up at 65
    • Life Paid Up at 90
    • 20 Pay Life
    • Single Premium Whole Life
  3. The Application must include the following:

    1. A completed application signed by the applicant and parent
    2. Most recent official college or university transcript. Copies and grade reports will not be accepted (if not available with application, then one must be received by April 15th). A computer printout will not be accepted. Without an official transcript the application is incomplete and therefore, will be disqualified.
    3. A recent photo (wallet/legal size please)
  4. The completed application must be sent to the Polish National Alliance no later than April 15th.

  5. Scholarships will be awarded for studies and programs only in the U.S. and/or administered by U.S. Colleges and Universities.

  6. In determining the recipients, the Scholarship Committee will take into consideration the applicant’s academic record, educational goals, involvement in fraternal and youth programs, - Church, community or college activities as well as family PNA membership. The evaluation will be on a Cumulative Point System. A GPA below 3.0 will not qualify.

  7. All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision in the month of July. All awards will be mailed directly to the College or University, for tuition only where the student will be attending in the fall.

  8. Applicants are advised that any false or misleading information or statement may result in permanent disqualification from participation in the PNA Scholarship Program.

  9. A PNA Scholarship recipient must be a beneficial member at the time any award is paid. In addition, a recipient must remain a member for a minimum of 5 years after the last award is received. If membership is not retained, all awards received must be repaid.

Application must be submitted to:

Polish National Alliance
Educational Department
6100 N. Cicero Ave.
- Chicago, IL 60646

Scholarship Application

Polish Schools

In support of promoting Polish Heritage in the United States, the PNA subsidizes Polish Language Schools throughout the country.

Schools are progressive from K-8 and some high schools. A subsidy is awarded to the school for every PNA member enrolled.

List of Polish Language Schools and Courses subsidized by the PNA

Polish Language Schools

  • Gen. Wl. Anders Polish School - Niles, IL
  • St. Blaze Polish Catholic School – Summit, IL
  • St. Cholewinski Polish School - Chicago and Palos Hts., IL
  • St. Ferdinand Polish School – Chicago, IL
  • John Paul II Polish School – Las Vegas, NV
  • St. James Polish School - Chicago, IL
  • M. Kolbe Polish School – Chicago, IL
  • M. Kopernik Polish School – Lockport, IL
  • T. Kosciuszko Polish School – Bartlett, IL
  • J. Matejko Polish School – Barrington, IL
  • Mickiewicz Polish School – Palos Park, IL
  • E. Plater Polish School - Schaumburg, IL
  • Gen. K. Pulaski Polish School - Harwood Hts., IL
  • M. Rej Polish School – Chicago, IL
  • J. Slowacki Polish School – Wheeling, IL

Polish Language Courses

  • Paderewski Polish Language – Niles, IL
  • Lodge 2626 Language – Dearborn, MI
  • Lodge 3259 Polish Language School – Costa Mesa, CA
  • Lodge 3274 Polish Language School – Parma, OH
  • Lodge 700 Polish Language School - San Pedro, CA
  • Szkola Kultury I Jezyka Polskiego – Stratford, CT

Dance & Choral Groups

The Polish National Alliance subsidizes more than 57 Dance and Choral Groups promoting beautiful Polish folklore and music. Every 4 years, our Educational Department organizes a Youth Festival that gives the groups an opportunity to exhibit their accomplishments in choreography and singing. Every year Illinois groups participate in a Spring Festival. Proceeds from the concert are distributed to the participating groups.

Dance and Choral Groups subsidized by the PNA

Dance and Choral Groups

  • Alliance Dancers - Livonia, Ml Dance
  • Boze Nutki Choir Group - Chicago, IL Choral
  • Centennial Dancers - Junior /Senior Westland, Ml Dance
  • Club Filarets Choral Group - St. Clair Shores, Ml Choral
  • F. Chopin Choral Group - Chicago, IL Choral
  • Gaik Dance Group Prairie - View, IL Dance
  • Gorale Polish Folk Dancers - Lakewood, OH 44107 Dance
  • Kajtek -Chicago, IL Choral
  • Krakowiacy i Gorale Dance - Gr. Mokena, IL Dance
  • Krakowiaki Dancers - Parkville, MD Dance
  • Dancers of Warsaw - Minto, ND Dance
  • Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle - Poland, OH Dance
  • Krakusy Dance Group - Los Angeles, CA Dance
  • Hejnal Choir - Los Angeles, CA Choral
  • Kropeczki - Gwiazdki Chicago, IL Dance
  • Kropeczki Dance Group - Mokena, IL Dance
  • Kujawiaczek Dance Group - Las Vegas, NV Dance
  • Lajkonik Dance Group -Chicago, IL Dance
  • Lowiczanie Dance Group - Berkley, CA Dance
  • M. Kolbe Polish School -VERA D. G. Wauconda, IL Dance
  • Orleta Dance Group - Stratford, CT Dance
  • Piast of Las Vegas Dance Group - Las Vegas, NV Dance
  • Polanie Dance Group - CA Costa Mesa, CA Dance
  • Polanie Dance Group - IL Arlington Hts, IL Dance
  • Polanie Song & Dance - Ml Sterling Hts, Ml Dance
  • Polish Heritage Dancers - Aden, NY Dance
  • Polonez - Maly Polonez - Escondido, CA Dance
  • Polonez Dance Group - CA Escondido, CA Dance
  • Polonez DanceGroup I- Gen. WI. Anders Chicago, IL Dance
  • Polonez DanceGroup II - Gen. WI. Anders Chicago, IL Dance
  • Polskie Kwiaty - Choral Group Palos Park, IL Choral
  • Pulaski Polish Dancers of Fresno - Coarsegold, CA Dance
  • Radomianie Dance Group - Livonia, Ml Dance
  • Roztanczone Nutki - Oak Lawn, IL Dance
  • Schola Dzieci Pana Boga - Chicago, IL Choral
  • Sloneczka Dance Group - Chicago, IL Dance
  • Slowiki Choral Group -Palos Park, IL Choral
  • Smieszki Dance Group - Hickory Hills, IL Dance
  • Syrenka Children Polish Folk - Muskego, WI Dance
  • T. Kosciuszko Choral Group - Kosciuszkowcy Chicago, IL Choral
  • T. Kosciuszko Dance Group - Przepioreczka Chicago, II Dance
  • Warsaw PNA Dancers – Minto, ND Dance
  • Wawel - Maly Wawel - Chicago, IL Dance
  • Wawel Dance Group - Chicago, IL Dance
  • Wici Song Dance and Theatre Company – Chicago, IL Dance
  • Wisla and Mala Wisla – Medinah, IL
  • Wislanie Dance Group – Arlington Hts, IL
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